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Wet and Dry
Computer and display screen cleaner



A Unique "twin pack" system for cleaning, drying, and controlling static on large or heavily soiled computer and display screens, Wet & Dry* consists of two pads hermetically sealed in separate foil packets and attached in the middle.  One packet contains a pre-moistened pad that removes dust, oil, and other contaminants from the screens' surface.  The other packet contains a dry, absorbent cloth for wiping the screen optically clear.

Suggested Applications:
.  Cleaning of electronic panels, readout and display screens, instrument glass, machine gauge windows, and computer screens.

Key features and benefits:
.  Pre-saturated with special solution to control static while cleaning contaminants.
.   Highly absorbent drying cloth polishes screen to a streak-free finish.

*Not for use on polarized antiglare screens.

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