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Hydrosorb Blue Wipers
Hydro-entangled cellulose/polyester-blend wiper with blue substrate color to indicate exposure to liquid

Item Qty UOM Size
CT512 10 CT 12x12

HydroSorb Blue Wipers are fabricated from a non-woven blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester that offers both durability and absorbency.  The blue tint indicates exposure to liquid.  With its low particle counts, low extractable levels, and solvent compatibility, HydroSorb Blue is a perfect all-around wiper for general wiping and spill control.

Suggested Applications:
.  Effective multipurpose wiper to be used where superior strength and absorbency are required
.  Color indication feature is ideal for alerting the user to dangerous spills

Key features and benefits:
.  Fiber blend (55% cellulose and 45% polyester)
.  Convenient C-fold packaging for quick and easy access
.  Statistical Process Control
.  Extremely durable and highly absorbent
.  Low particle generation helps prevent
.  Resistant to electrostatic charge buildup
.  Blue substrate color indicates exposure to liquids
.  Provides abrasion-free surface for inspection of optically transparent surfaces

50 wipes per bag/ 10 bags per CT


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