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HydroSorb III Wipers
Hydro entangled polyester wipers for maximum absorptive capacity and optical applications.

Item Qty UOM Size
CT404 1200 BG 4x4
CT409 150 BG 9x9

Hydrosorb III is the wiper of choice for critical wiping applications where softness, non-abrasiveness, and very low extractable levels of nonvolatile residue are essential.  Hydrosorb III is made of 100% hydro-entangled polyester.  They hydro-entanglement process uses jets of water to mechanically entangle the fibers, eliminating the need for chemical binders.  Even though Hydrosorb III contains no surfactants, its absorptive capacity is five times its weight.  This is due to the density of HydroSorb III's fiber structure, which allows for the absorption of liquids though capillary action.

Suggested applications:
.  Very low solvent extractable levels make HydroSorb III ideal for applications where low nonvolatile residue is essential
.  Non-abrasive cleaning and handling of delicate optical-grade components such as coated lenses, fiber optic sensors, and mirrors
.  Cleaning precision assembly components and sensitive surfaces
.  Non-contaminating work surface

Key features and benefits:
.  100% synthetic fiber (hydro-entangled polyester)
.  No binders
.  Statistical Process Control
.  Ultra-low particulate and extractable levels
.  Absorbs five times its weight
.  Low particle generation helps prevent product contamination

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